Jr. & Sr. High Class

Our teen class meets in the Mercy room (left-most), which is off of the side of the gymnasium.

We often call ourselves "One Big Happy Family" due to the diverse age range in this class (grades 7 - 12). There are several reasons for the seemingly wide array of ages in our group, but the primary focus for this organizational design is stability. We strive to offer a stable environment for our students during the most critical years of their lives concerning the development of faith and worldviews.

Our class is taught by Jason Jones (our Sunday School Superintendent), and Chucky Duncan (a lay minister in the church). Their goal in this class is to "drive the tent stake of faith deeper" by addressing student questions and covering topics in depth that are relevant to the group.

We're probably the rowdiest bunch in that area of the church, so just follow your ears and you should find us pretty easily.  :-)

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